Benefits Of Reflexology – Hand & Foot Massage

Reflexology Hand & Foot Massage For Instant Stress Relief!


Foot Massage


So many of us these days find ourselves forever stressed out, the combination of financial, relationship and career concerns all combine to keep many in a constant state of angst!

It has long been acknowledged that stress can cause any number of diseases and is an aggravating factor to many more not to mention a major cause of early aging. So it’s not surprising that stress relief has become more important than ever. A simple hand and foot massage is relaxing beyond most people’s expectations if they have not had one before.

Throughout the day and possibly for some, nights too, we spend a lot of time on our feet and using our hands – much more than we typically realize. In combination our hands and feet take the brunt of the work for our entire bodies. With stress and fatigue they affect how your whole body turns, works and moves so it’s not surprising to realize how stress builds up in these critical joints.

An effective hand and foot massage can be accomplished over 30 or 60 minutes to complete. You will gain most benefit if you are relaxed so best results are usually achieved when combined with a full body massage service.

We find that many of our clients enjoy listening to music, finding it helps them relax more easily and allows both the client and the masseuse to focus on the massage without feeling the need to chat. Allow your mind to go blank and enjoy the sheer luxury of a hand and foot massage, you’ll feel like you are walking on air afterwards!

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